Karl Martin


  I have studied classical voice with James Vanderpost for a little

over 3 years now. When I first came to him, I was expecting him to tell

me I was ready for opera. Instead, he did something better: he began me

with scales and the proper breath technique. Additionally, he focused on

the natural method of singing; never straining, pushing, or pulling the

voice like many teachers do. He has always been extremely respectful and

polite, but he will also tell you the truth if you need to hear it.

Thanks to his help, I went from a 2 octave range to nearly 5, and I now

sing art songs and operatic arias.  Because of his teaching, I have

received invitations to audition with music schools such as USC and

Oberlin Conservatory. Not only does his teaching help with opera, but

the natural method helps all singers, no matter the genre of music.

Through high school, I was able to sing in musicals, choirs, and

Gregorian chant, all without straining or bothering my voice. Thanks to

Mr. Vanderpost, I have come further in these 3 years than I ever thought

Zoe is her name a very special student


 A chorus of thanks to Mr. Vanderpost for giving my daughter a voice. My daughter Zoe was born with a very rare disease called Congenital Central Hypoventilation also called Ondine's Curse. Zoe (my daughter) simply put is on life support machines, when she was a baby she had a trach (tube in her throat), and I was told she would never talk. After years of speech therapy and getting her trach out, she could talk, but her voice was not strong enough. Just a couple of months with Mr. Vanderpost Zoe's started to understand how to breathe better and to project her voice. Mr. Vanderpost taught her, she who sings frightens away her ills. After a year she was singing high and low notes on pitch. Mr. Vanderpost did what medical professionals couldn't do, Mr. Vanderpost gave Zoe her voice.  

Bill Medley

In his gentle and encouraging style, James teaches you how to allow  your natural voice to develop and grow.  No manipulations, no tricks, no  force-just allow your voice to find itself through training,  experience, focus and self-confidence.  In the time I've taken from  James, I grew from someone with a "good" voice to someone singing in a  professional chamber chorus, opera chorus, church soloist and confident  speaker.  Yes, not only did my singing voice grow, but so did my  speaking voice.  Better diction, breathing, and disciplined study in  music have carried over into other areas.

 James' experience as a  performer allows him to take the "tricks of the trade" and apply them  not only to classical performance, but all styles of music.  Whatever  your goals as a singer/performer, etc., your investment and commitment  to James will be rewarded.

I began taking voice lessons with Mr. Vanderpost ever since the age of ten, and now at the age of thirteen, I have been learning from him for almost four years. Mr. Vanderpost uses a unique teaching method for his students in which he uses patience, reasoning, and simple techniques to help the voice sing in the most natural and comfortable way possible. He has expanded my vocal range in such little time and has made singing so enjoyable and almost effortless for me. Mr. Vanderpost is extremely respectful and kind, and with his encouragement and compassion, he has pushed me through so many learning experiences that I will never forget. Singing Opera is now a passion of mine and one of my favorite hobbies because he has helped me understand breathing techniques, scales, and challenging music. As my vocal range is still growing, I am able to sing pitches “as low as I can burp it out, and as high as I can squeal it out”, as Mr. Vanderpost says. I am so grateful to have found such Meher



Kara Cummins


I cannot say enough wonderful things about my voice coach! He has helped me explore my voice and be a blessing to sing things I never even dreamed possible! He was instrumental in helping me train for my dream role as Mimi in La Boheme! He is gentle, patient, honest and such a tremendous teacher. I highly respect his teaching methods and would encourage anyone who wants to learn to sing to consider him as your instructor.

Amanda and Sam Rodriguez

James  Vanderpost began teaching my son Sam when he was a 13 year  old seventh grader.  Sam's voice had not yet changed when he began  taking lessons, so he started out as a tenor. After about 2 years, Sam's  voice dramatically dropped to a bass. James  helped Sam through that  awkward time, giving him the confidence to continue to develop his  singing voice.
Sam has continued taking lessons from James  throughout high school. Sam has competed in the TPSMEA vocal solo  competition each year, earning the highest ranking at both regional and  state levels. Largely due to James' mentoring, Sam plans to major in  music business and minor in vocal performance next year in college. I  would highly recommend James to anyone seeking a voice teacher for their  son or daughter. 

Kelly Westbrook


James is by far the best vocal instructor I have ever had the  pleasure of working with. His unique teaching method, coupled with his  unwavering patience has helped me to achieve vocal control I never  thought possible. He understands the importance of every last detail,  and will work with you until you have a full grasp of the concept. I  highly recommend James to any aspiring vocalist. 

Chris Brackman

For years, I've been interested to sing, but didn't get started  until about 5 years ago when my wife and I joined the church choir. I  was doing OK in the choir as a more experienced choir man gave me the  sage advise. ...."just belt it out"... Well with that as my singing boot  camp, I decided to add real voice training 3 years ago when I began  weekly lessons with James Vanderpost. The progress has been amazing as  he has taught me, among many things, to "dare to let the voice do what  it will do". While such advise seems simple, making it happen has been a  process of personal discovery that has unfolded in consistent weekly  lessons.   Recently, the choir director pulled me aside to say my progress has been  amazing. Now, when the other men in the choir strain to hit the high  note, I calmly double support and think "vertical out, not up" and the  note effortlessly emerges without the wretched "straining sound" as the  less well trained men "reach and tense the voice." Indeed, many bad  habits needed to be unlearned. I would add that, as a side benefit, that  I am much more confident with my sales presentations at work as I often  face large crowds of both friendly, and at times, hostile customers.  Indeed, the confidence gained by disciplined voice training has had a  very positive impact on me.  I highly recommend James Vanderpost.  

William Derusha


James makes singing simple. I have studied with various teachers  throughout the last few years and feel that I have made more progress  with him in the last few months than I have studying with other teachers  in the last few years. I was initially very hesitant and speculative by  how simple he made singing seem; I would always think to myself, "There  must be more to this!". But since allowing myself to trust his great  judgement and experience I have found singing to be easier, freer and  more and enjoyable than I have in a very long time. I study classical  voice but have found that singing other genres has become easier and  easier as well since beginning lessons with him. I look forward to  continuing to work with James and would highly recommend him to anyone  who wishes to learn to sing with more freedom and with the natural  beauty of THEIR OWN voice. He is great, patient teacher and simply an  enjoyable person to be around. 


Justin Lobosco



James is a FANTASTIC voice teacher. I'm a rock singer but the Opera  fundamentals that he teaches have taken me to an entirely different  level. He single handedly took my range from 2 octaves to over 3. Not  only a great teacher but a great person and friend also. 

Jeff Comess

James is an amazing vocal coach. He pushes his students while  showing encouragement and compassion. He is honest and has a unique  ability to express to his students proper techniques in a manner that I  understood. I have been involved with music for almost 30 years and I  can say that James by far, is my favorite music coach that I have had.  There is none greater!. 

Sona Abhyankar


  • At the time I met James in the summer of 2010 I was 48, wife and mother of three grown children. I say that to point out that I was very doubtful at my age that anyone would take me seriously. I always believed that God had given me a talent that I wasn't using. On the other hand I didn't want to be one of those who thought they could sing buy actually couldn't. I hadn't sung in public sense I was a teenage. At that it was only 5 or 6 times. The doubts and anxiety I experienced had been growing for years. I also was very intimidated by how accomplished of a performer/ teacher James is. With such Grace and Patients, James put all those scary thoughts to rest the first time we met. I can't express the peace and level of comfort I felt with each session. I could relax and be myself and let him do the rest, James taught me many techniques in my singing that intern helped me believe in myself and that I could sing. He is a remarkable singing coach as well as a great person. He would be an asset to anyone who is just starting out or one that has been performing for years. 

Jason English


 As a long time instrumentalist, I always wanted to be able to sing lead  or support the band with harmonies. My lessons with James gave me a  foundation for improving the power of my voice in a rock context while  still singing safely. That's important if you are going to be gigging  regularly.

 rock musician and singer  

Karen Larsen


And because of you, James, I returned to my love of music and sing with a Sweet Adeline’s Chorus now and love it! Thank you so much! Give custo 

I started taking lessons from James soon after my 56th birthday.  I  had never taken voice lessons before and had done very little singing  since I was a young girl.  When I started, I could hardly hit a D above  middle C.  One year later, I was singing G's with ease.   James is  wonderful to work with.  He has such a positive, encouraging approach,  always focusing on what I was doing right rather than the many things I  was doing wrong.  He brought the joy of singing into my life, and I will  always be grateful.  I highly recommend him.

Mick Mickelson



The following is my testimonial:

     I’ve always wanted to sing but have had absolutely no training and have  never been satisfied with my ability. Although I’m in my fifties, a few  months agoI thought I would give some classical voice lessons a try.  James has been very encouraging and patient. He has taught me to quit  listening to the voice in my head telling me how I was supposed to  sound, and has coaxed me to sing with my natural voice. James has become  a friend to me and I very much look forward to our weekly sessions. I’m  now beginning to like what I hear when I record myself singing, and  even my wife is has remarked upon my rapid improvement! I trust James,  he is knowledgable, experienced and objective, and will help you get the  best sound out of whatever voice you happened to be born with.



Shelley Laine


James Vanderpost provided me with training that took me from two to  a four and 1/2 octave range. He is a master in the field and one who  works patiently with his students to help them achieve their dreams