Photo Gallery

A Roman

As a Roman in the Opera Les Troyens by Hector Berlioz

les Troyens

As a Troyan in the Opera Les Troyens by Hector Berlioz


This is me as Iago in Giuseppe Verdi's Otello.  The dream role of every Baritone and it truly was a magnificent role and a dream of mine to come true

Black Joe in Showboat

Portraying Black Joe in Showboat was an experience never to be forgotten.  It was done at Texas Lutheran College in Seguin TX.  More then ten performances.

Modeling days

I enjoyed for a couple of years doing some modeling, maily ramp and commercials for magazines and papers

Modeling days

Having had the experience as a model was quite rewarding.

Operatic Concert

With Mexican soprano Beatriz Aznar

A recital

This is a icture of me  when, I was givng an informal recital at the home of wonderful friends of mine

A concert in Seguin TX

This was a grand concert, which included Opera  Arias and show tunes like Be my love and quite a few other ones

Just me

Enjoying myself, listening to a student making some beautiful sounds

Ruth Harcowitz

Memories are wonderful to have.  This fantastic lookng woman and I went to the Boston Conservatory.

and I went to the Boston Conservatory and performed in an Opera together.  We just caught up after all these  years.

Turns out that she is good friends with a singer I sang with in Faust, I sang the role of Valentine.

Ruth went on to win innumerable beauty contests.  It is fantastic chatting with her.

Amsterdam the Netherlands

This great city I grew up in, lots of grand memories and innumerable concerts and recitals. The great lady I was engaged to was a fantastic coloratura soprano by the name of Marianne Blok.  I will post some of her arias on here.

Linda my daughter and me

Linda has been my surrogate daughter for way over 20 years.  She came for Voice lessons and we talked, exchanging things from our past.  We bonded and then one day she asked if it would be silly to call me Dad.  I told her, if I had a daughter I would love here to be like her and now we have been father and daughter for a very long tme.

One of my wedding pictures

This picture was taken at my wedding number two another disaster after number one.  It would have been so much better if I had remained single.

Leslie Blasing

Met this incredible country western singer years ago in San Antonio.  Taking lessons with me for a while she went to further her career.

You can read about her a lot on my FB


Sailing in Friesland the Netherlands with my cousin Jans.

Mefistofele [the devil} Opera by arrigo Boito

Music in this Opera s outstanding, powerful and extremely exciting.

Just a picture of me

I have changed so often in life, perhaps bored or just loved to change.

Now that I am older it has become more easy to just keep the one look.

Modeling days

I enjoyed the short time in my life as a male model, the ramp was most fun especially when asked to sing

My daughter and I.

My daughter is an extremely busy woman and the moments we do get together are oh so very precious to me.

Between the King and I and Showboat

Just having performed the King in the King and I, getting ready to do Black Joe in Showboat.  Both shows I enormously enjoyed.

Still studying

Dreaming of a future as an Opera singer which was more difficult then I had ever anticipated.  Had to deal with reverse discrimination and boy did that hurt.  I considered myself a micro mini minority only problem  was born white and mostly taken for German. Q@A will be fine and accepted.

Linda and John

John has been my best friend for almost 18 years and roommates for almost 17  He is a down to earth, extremely honest man.

In my twenties

Working a regular job every day and working on my voice, attending Opera workshop.  Since I worked the night shift , only had three hours sleep, everyone always would say, James you are flat.

During performances I would interpolate High G's and A flats, bad vibes from fellow singers.

Me at my mothers wedding in 1959

It was very difficult, almost impossible for Northern european paople to immigrate to this country,  Mother and Harry my stepfather had to get married

Mother in 1960 at a lake in NH

Mother was never so happy as when the day she heard we were approved to go to America,  This was her/our first summer and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Mother after playing the piano for us

Marina enjoyed music, Opera, Ballet and playing the piano.  We had brought a beautiful French piano from Europe but it got badly damaged on the ship when it almost capsized.  It got loose and all the strings broke and other parts included.

Marina and Ramsis our dog

Mother was an animal lover.  A beautiful Siamese in Amsterdam, so that meant an animal in this our new home.

I love gardening

I love gardening and to surround the pool with gorgeous flowers and shrubs.  Being older, I have to take it slowly but that actually makes it a lot more fun

I love clutter lol

As you see I love lots of stuff.  My sister and I are alike in that respect.  We see an opening and something must be figured out because an item has to fill that bare spot.


This love lady I dated for over 5 years. we met during my performances of Black Joe in Showboat

Maria Callas with her little dogs

I just love this great portrait, it was done exquisitely.  Worthy of showing it all.


Amsterdam is a very unusuak city, lots of Musea, Night life, excitimg is an excellent word to describe it all.

Mario del Monaco

An absolule great tenor, sang a lot with Maria Callas amd many other famous singers.

Zarah Leander

I just think very highly of this performer, often listening to her on a Sunday morning

The King and I

It was a dream of a role, a real throne from Siam was brought in and I was the only one allowed to sit on it.  Totally bald and tanned I was ideal for the role.  It run with every night a full house.  I had never thought of doing the King and wow was I glad to be able to have it on my resume.

I, in Las Vegas

With my first wife I went to Las Vegas, we had quite a blast.  That hat I am wearing got lost how, no clue.

Betsy Kemps and I

Betsy Kemps, was a singer of Lieder and old songs, most people had forgotten.  A voice in Dallas for many years, mother of my dearest friend Mary one of the few people I can talk about Opera and singing a treat for me.  Betsy lived into her mid ninetees, strong, extremely knowledgable 

.  It was an honor for me to have known this fiesty and wonderful woman.

The first fiance

Louise, micknamed Loekie were students at the Sweelinc Conservatory in Amsterdam, she piano and I voice. After immigrating to the USA, we had a chance to go back and visit the Netherlands.  Loekie and I met again, got engaged.  She came to me supposedly to get married however my mother had different ideas.  Loekie and I are still in touch and chat occasionally.  I am glad we are good friends.

Home on leave

Here I am with Mother and a former girlfriend.  It was a good leave from the ARMY.

My very dear friend Mary

Mary and I met way over twenty five years ago.  We both are Opera lovers and had many deep and interesting conversations about that fantastic Art form.  Her husband was a fine gentleman, we do miss him a lot.  We try to have coffee and good conversations as often time permits.

Maria Callas

Still remembered after so long a time because of the enormous impact she made in the Operatic firmament

Marlene Dietrich

An amazing woman, who dared to live life to its fullest.   Way before her time but what fantastic legacy she left behind.

Greta Garbo

Beautiful, Elegant, Chique, Great dresser but most of all I loved her speaking voice.  The way she would mention his name Vronsky.

Marilyn Zschau

A absolute fantastis singer.  I first saw and her on youtube and immediatel;y I was a fan


Linda is my surrogate daughter and has one of the most never changing sweetness to her.  I am super proud of her.  She sings, dance, artist, making beautiful figurines and also paints portraits.  She will take a photograph you love and makes it into a realistic portrait..

Alive or not Alive, people I would love to have dinner with

Marilyn Zschau


Marlene Dietrich

Anna Pirozzi

Maria Callas

To me the absolute unrqualed singer so far in Operatic history.  It his the way she is able to interpret a word, line, phrase

Jonas Kaufmann

To me the best tenor without a label like lyric, dramatic or?  He sings everything well.  In the olden days singers were not labeled and then someone started that crap.  So I am very impressed with this Jonas Kaufmann and I have lots of questions for him.

Ettore Bastianini

For me he was the greatest and most exciting Bariton ever,  I would talk of his head, oh so to many questions.

Marianne Blok

Marianne was often called the Beverly Sills of the Netherlands.  Being the best coloratura living in Amsterdam the opera house always got people from other countries. Small of stature, with a voice that soared into an Opera house with ease and beauty.  I so enjoyed singing with her on many an occasion.  We we re engaged to be married buth our families were not to happy with that possibility.  My mother was the who ruined it all but that is all behind us now.

What is done and can not be undone.

Gedane zaken doen geen ommekeer.

Me more then twenty years ago

This was taken at a dinner with a student of mine.  She had the audacity to tell me at her very first lesson that she knew excactly why my wife had divorced me, thinking what a rude woman.  She had many jobs and always was fired.  The last one she told me that she the CEO he was doing a not to very good job.  She was shown the door.

Me again over 20 years ago

This was taken a long time ago when I had done a concert in Dallas

Agnes Baltsa

My fondnes of this singer is number one, she was gutsy but mostly she was the favorite mezzo soprano of my old Dutch friend Dick Sloos and boy do I miss him and his wife Sue

Maria Callas with her beloved Poodles

Just had to add this beautiful painting of this amazing singer.

Velvet my darling Doberman

This sweet dog according my exwife was getting to be vicious. Sick part, her dog was allowed to travel in the car but not Velvet.  I checked with a veteranarian, he told me that Dobies could turn violent.  I had to put her to sleep and my new wife and I went to eat lunch at a Chinese place.

I sighed and she , what is wrong and my answer was, if I had known getting married would mean I had to get rid of my dog and she had the audacity yes crude audacity.

well that means you don't really love me.

I actually disliked her from that moment on.  She even treated my cats not very nicely because they were mine and not hers.  When I got a Rotweiler, bartered with a vet student, she lessons in singing and I would get the dog.  My exwife took a week so called maternity leave of  from work while I was teaching in San Antonio.  Well guess what, now the dog was hers and no longer looked at me.  Men make sure the woman is worth a marriage, this one was NOT.

I think a little honesty about personal feelings and happenings is allowed, please tell me if you do not agree and I will remove this immediately