Opera singers

Ingeborg Hallstein

Marilyn Zschau

An absolute great true dramatic coloratura, I love her rendition of this aria the best I have ever heard


Maria Callas

Unsurpassed Maria Callas, many try to hard but so far no successor 


Jonas Kaufmann

Today my favorite tenor, he sings everything, not categorized 


Julia Varady

This singer is incredible, Callas was a great Abigaile but Julia does a spectacular job, such controlled singing nothing over done.  Elegant looking in that simple dress


Anne Schwanewilms

This singer is incredible, her four last songs by Strauss are to me the best I have heard


Franco Corelli

Till this day, this unbelievable Tenor is still unsurpassed.  A voice that thrilled so many people.  I was fortunate enough to have seen his several times perform


Birgit Nilsson

 Birgit Nilsson in 1948. Photo by Gunnar Harnesk. The Birgit Nilsson official website 

Great Wagnerian singer, full figured and impressive to behold and the voice, just soared.


mario del monaco

This tenor thrilled me the most.  To me he was so exciting to listen to, daring and emotional


Magda Olivero

Her singing was great, true bel canto with the use of fabulous mezza voce. I saw her at 68 in Boston in Tosca and when the lights came on, grown men wiped their eyes, she was quite mesmerizing.


Marianne Blok and I

Marianne Blok, one of the most underrated coloratura sopranos.  I have done concerts with her and we even were engaged.  Nothing came of that because of mingling family members.  What I posted is sublimely sung


Ettore Bastianini

This man had a baritone voice, just incredible.  He still is my number one.


Fritz Wunderlich

A most amazing Tenor, he was so beloved and young singers listened to him for his fluidity and ease he sung with.


Shirley Verrett

This lady was a great and exciting mezzo soprano, even performed soprano roles with some great bravura


Beverly Hoch

Incredible singer


Rita Gorr

Huge voice tiny woman, sat next to her during rehearsals in Tanglewood during Lohengrin rehearsals. we spoke Flemish, she dressed in a house dress, knitting away.  So down to earth, we chatted and laughed.  When she sang, the further you walked away from her the bigger the voice seems to become.  I was told the same about my voice by some fine performers whe then did not like me any longer lol, it is a tough world.


Anna Pirozzi

Very impressive singer and a fine Abigaile in Nabucco


Maria Chiara

I just love listening to this singer perform.


Yma Sumac

Not an Opera singer but certainly had the voice for it.  An absolute great singer and I fell in love with her voice in the 50's growing up in Amsterdam the netherlands.

 Yma Sumac Vocal Range (B2 - C 7) - YouTube 



Elena Mosuc

Met this incredible singer online and we became friends.  Elena is to me one the most consistent Opera singers.  Saw her in Lucia di Lammermoor here in Dallas.  Now we chat quite often.  I am so glad to have her as a friend


Lucine Amara

I met this amazing singer in Tanglewood, singing Elsa in Lohengrin by R Wagner.  She did a fine job, looking great in very nice summer dress.  I shall never forget those days