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 One must realize when wanting to become a singer most important, difficult part is breath control.  When someone tells you, don't worry it will happen automatically, not true. I also do not teach lifting of the soft palate, it is hard to learn and harder to unlearn, the palate moves by itself when we sing higher.  I was always told my great voice teacherss then when you do lift the soft palate, your voice will also have a shorter lifespan by about ten years. 

James, How I will miss this incredibly talented young man

How I will miss this incredibly talented young man.

  Starting as a bass baritone, soon discovering a wonderful tenor. he took to Operatic Arias like a Duck to water. Listening to everything I told him, understanding and soon able to widen his range.
I have openings for seriously students interested in exploring the possibility of discovering the hidden secret of the voice. 

In singing Classical music like Opera, Oratorio, Lieder, Art Songs, I work  very hard with ths student on Breath control, making sure that everything is done with a vertical mouth from Top to Bottom.

No spreading of the mouth is permitted.

High notes, just dropping the jaw downward.

A lot of singers nowadays going for a top note open their mouth real wide and spread at the same time.  That is why top notes become thin and shrill at times and the performer looks in pain.

I tell these things so that a potential student knows what to expect.

Famous singers on my website

It is absolutely important for the ones reading my website, that the famous singers listed in name or pictures are the singers I like and admire.  In no way would or will I ever say that I sung with them.  I respect the Art to much but there are fantastic singers to be remembered and that is the only reason I post them on my site.

So may are forgotten and that is sad.  So when you see one on my website, please go to youtube and look and listen.

Thank you.

Bonus statement

 Ruth HarcowitzWe know you're not young, but you have a lifetime of wisdom and experience of singing. The older teachers are the best! Think of Miss Pilla, Miss Hunter, and Mme. Falco! They had so much to offer, and so do you! 

A very interesting article (new) in my blog.

I as the King in the King and I

I have been taught in Amsterdam by a very fine Voice Teacher and an Opera singer I was to marry.  They both told me to always sing vertically and to spread especially when approaching High notes.

Lot of singers spread  their mouth into wide open spread therefore making the High notes, shrill and can give a strained feeling also making the singer look like He or She is in Agony.

I have only a few openings left and would love to see some young interested Voice Students who are truly serious come and audition for me.

Voice Teacher/singing lessons/Voice Lessons

Logo for VanderpostVoiceStudio

Vanderpostvoice Studio specializes in vocal training, breath control, stage presence andbuilding confidence whilesinging.  My vocal method, Bel Canto, is based on unveiling the power of your natural speaking voice by focusing on your breathing and posture.  With my professional guidance and training techniques you will learn how to sing naturally.  This will help expand your projection and increases your range while preserving the health of your vocal chords.  I offer a classical foundation which you can use to develop into any genre.

My teaching Approach

Is to work very carefully with any student, especially the very young.  Those young voices need to be handled with care, the vocal chords are delicate, it takes a.lot of vocalizing, so this student must have to learn and accept all the perseverance in order to succeed to perhaps make her or his dream come true.  Females mature faster then Men and the male voice does not fully mature then between the ages of thirty to thirty five.

If a young person comes to me because they want to sing they must have a good concentration span.

Seven years old boy or girl and no more than a half an hour.

For adults I would say forty five minutes and for a faster way to learn if possible twice a week, depending on the seriousness of the individual.

So set up an introductory lesson and you and I will go on a vocal expedition and discover what is there.

Remember I teach total natural singing. 


My History

 Voice Lessons,

Using a unique teaching method, I ensure the voice is treated with the utmost care and respect. I believe we must protect the one and only voice we are given. I will Frisco you the proper way to use your voice and will work to help you unveil your talent.There is no age restriction to singing. With younger students, I work carefully to help them reach their true potential. They learn to sing with the comfort of their own speaking voice. 

My teaching approach is important for students to learn how to use the natural voice in a relaxed manner, while working toward their full potential. I teach students how to unveil the "natural voice" or bel canto. Working with the natural voice, students can improve vocal range, tone, clarity, volume and confidence.  These skills helps the younger students transition smoothly into their adult voice. 

Lessons include proper voice control, projection, vocal technique, breath control, proper public speaking voice, and correct posture. I offer a classical foundation from which students can build a foundation and expand into any type of musical genre. singing lessons Dallas, Plano,  McKinney

Famous singers I have performed with


Franco Corelli

Rita Gorr

Lucine Amara

Maralyn Niska

Giovanni Consiglio

Deborah Sasson

Robert Merrill, was his understudy  as Germont in La Traviata

Georgio Tozzi

Maria Spacagna

Marianne Blok

Margot Stroink

I sang the part of Slim in the East Coast Premier of Of Mice and Men by Carlisle Floydd based on the book by John Steinbeck.

The composer was there and came up to me after the perdormance and told me, it takes a foreigner to have such fantastic diction, he understood 100%

5 singers about 40%, fhe rest of the cast he did not understand at all. I was proud of that complement, very proud of that complement

Singers I have seen perform live

Renata Tebaldi

Leontyne Price

Aprile Millo

Elizabeth Grummer

Irene Dalis 

Rita Gorr

Lucine Amara

Franco Corelli

Mario Sereni

Anna Moffo

Jan Peerce

Placido Domingo

Luciano Pavarotti

Uta Graff

Hans Kaart

Adriaan van Limpt

Joan Sutherland

Magda Olivero

Elinor Ross

Roberta Peters

Montserrat Caballe

An interesting anecdote is , that I had entered an audition for, who is the Dutch Pat Boone a singer very famous in the 50's.  I borrowed a jacket and sneakers and got on stage.  Mind you had never sung with piano and I sang Love letters in the Sand and Remeber you're mine. People screamed and were tugging at my clothes, wanting to know when my record was coming out.  Sadly I had entered the competition two weeks too late. Gone up in smoke.

When I was at the of 11 to 12 I sung at the City theatre in Amsterdam Acapella. Dutch and Indonesion songs.  The radio announcer hans van Laeren was going to make a child star out of me but he died in a car accident on a rainy night.  Another dream up in smoke c'est la vie.s

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One of those moments life, totally unforgettable. During the days I was under management of an Impresario. A long time ago in Providence RI, I sang in a duet from La Traviata with Maria Spacagna. I never forget the wonderful time I had with you conducting. After we finished you complemented me on my musicianship, I felt honored and elated. I also was the understudy for Robert Merrill, he did sing the evening performance. My name was James Vanderpost, baritone. You gave me such a memorable memory I have and will never forget. The next time I did not do so well with a part in Carmen, Morales and I stupidly walked out. I was under an enormous stress, my mother had just come a few days before of a 14 hours surgery. I hope you have forgotten that disastrous incident Hope all is well with you and your fine career. Wonderful to have you as a connection on here. Warm greetings from Plano TX

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Jose Serebrier. I remember you well, and your very fine accomplishments. Since that time long ago I have made over 300 recordings, some of which are on YouTube, put up by fans. I hope you are doing very well in Texas, and wish you all the very best! JS

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