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La Favorita

My Story

My mother and I 1947,our first spring in Amsterdam

 I was born in a Japanese concentration camp where I spent the first three and a half years of my life and then almost a year through post war. My mother and I escaped Indonesia in 1946 to the Netherlands and then moved to the US.

Picture 1-1946 Picture 2-1953

My singing career spans three continents and includes opera, concerts and Broadway musicals - in Europe, the US, and Mexico, including radio concerts, recital appearances and televised opera highlights. I sang a lead role as the King in The King and I, Faust, Of Mice and Men, and other opera and oratorio performances (see the full repertoire of James Vanderpost on the homepage).

My mother and I, first summer in this great country 1960

After retiring from the professional opera stage in 1979, I have continued semi-professionally, performing concerts and musicals throughout Texas.

I began teaching in 1975 and have taught students in Amsterdam, Mexico City, Boston, San Antonio and Dallas, privately and at music vocal schools. My vocal teaching method emphasizes the natural style based on the proper breathing technique and correct posture. My vocal training and teaching method is Bel Canto.

Picture of me

Personal Interests

singing, playing piano, reading, cooking specialty, Indonesian cuisine, listening to mostly classical music and opera.

East coast premiere of, Of Mice and Men, I am on the right looking at picture

Carlisle Floyd the composer was there and said , it takes a foreigner to articulate so well that I understood every word you sang.  The part I did was that of Slim, it was quite challenging 

More about me

I teach all ages

There is no age restriction to singing. With young students. I will work very carefully to help them reach their true potential. Sing  with the comfort of your speaking voice... 

My Vocal Approach

My vocal approach is important for students to learn to use their natural  voices in a relaxed manner while working toward their full potential. I teach students how to unveil the "natural voice" or bel canto.  Working with the natural voice, students can improve vocal range, tone,  clarity, volume and confidence. Lessons will include proper voice control, projection, vocal technique,  breath control, the public speaking voice and correct posture.   I offer a classical foundation from which you can expand into any type of music you choose.Because proper vocal technique is universal, lessons will provide a  foundation for singing that will enable you to perform in any type of  music you wish. With my vocal method you will: Develop the proper  breathing technique that will serve as a solid foundation for any type  of music you choose, and also - for younger students - will help you  transition smoothly into your adult voice  Expand your vocal range and singing volume without straining your vocal chords Improve your confidence while signing in public Ensure the long-lasting health of your vocal chords   Contact me to schedule a lesson!  

My History

So many people have asked me to write about my life but it has been a very difficult one and at times I do not want to bother any one with my past.  Yet it is important for many different people to understand what happens to a person growing older after three and a half years in a Japanese concentration camp, half a year through post war.  Escape from the far east to Europe and then six years in foster homes where the abuse was both physical and mentally making me a ruined human being for possible healthy relationships with either man or woman.  Trying to find a path in life and hoping, wishing to make a dream come true was a truly hard and in the end an impossible task.  An extremely domineering mother who ruled over me with  real iron fists and a willpower even stronger.  I had no chance, yet, I survived it all and now towards the end of my time on Earth I am finding a happiness I never could have never dreamed, let alone find. Accused of so many things all my life, treated like an outcast for being a half cast, half blood, bastard.  Shy and afraid of many things in life especially people and yet wanted to be so loved.

So many things happened during my life time but most of it was like a total stagnancy, waiting for something, someone or whatever it is supposed or was to be

if enough people are interested I shall write more, not for myself but to open the eyes of people perhaps to understand what child abuse does to a human being and that does not ever leave the mind and psyche for it turns on in your mind like a vicious old movie reel playing it at any time it so wishes to do so. Hope I did not bore anyone with this and please be so kind as to give me feedback, very appreciated.