Justin Lobosco


Very talented young man, came to me with a vocal problem but we got rit of the problem and a fantastic Rock voice remained.  Now he is busy performing and doing his thing and we remained friends.

Marilyn Zschau


Here as an Operette performer, the famous Merry Widow.  We never met but I love her voice and we have nice chats and her husband is Dutch.  I appreciate their friendship.

John R Malone


John is the best male friend ever, we have known each other for about 18 years and roommates for about 17. We have had a few rough times, health wise otherwise, it has and is great.



Jennifer and I met over twenty years ago, she moved and we lost contact.  About two years we caught up and we are the best of friends and Evan is a fine young man.  They have a big place in my heart.



Loekie was my first fiance.  We had to break up because of my mothers behavior.

We met again on FaceBook and are the best of friends.  I am proud and happy she is back in my life even though so far away.



Mary and her husband Bernie and I met over twenty five years ago.  Bernie passed away but Mary has remained a beloved friend, now also with John.  Mary loves Opera and she and I talk often about the Art.  I am elated to have her as a friend, she too has a big place in my heart.



ILenora started voice lessons with a while back.  A extremely nice coll Jazz singer.  Her being a wonderfull massage therapist, we decided to barter, a massage for a voice lessons.  It went well and she and I are still the best of friends, one to cherish for sure.

Sylvia Prussack


This a fantastic woman, talks like she just came from Georgia, a sense of humor and an absolute great friend, I just love her



This lady and I have been friends for a long time.  She helped me prepare I ndonesian dinners for up to 18 people.

Great memories never die nor do they fade away.

Ruth Harcowitz


Ruth and I went to the Boston Conservatory and were in a show together.  Actualy it was my first opera with orchestra by J Offenbach called RSVP and I played the part of Mr Cauliflower.  It was fun and quite an experience.  Ruth went her way and I mine we recently found each other again on FB

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