Greta Garbo

My all time favorite actress, seen all her movies

Hedy Lamarr

so Incredibly beautiful and a brilliant woman  scientist.

Marlene Dietrich


Vivian Leigh

The most refined divine looking woman and a fantastic performer

Barbara Stanwyck

My most favorite American actress, incredible acting.

Glenn Close

In my humble opinion one of the hardest to surpass acttress.  I wish they would not let her not act because of age.  She makes you believe the character she portrays, phenominal.

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Tyrone Power

When I was a young boy I asked mother if I was going to look like him.

I so surely do....NOT..

John Gavin

One of my favorite actors

Errol Flynn

I wanted be and do all the things he did in the movies

Loretta Young

At the age of ten I was totally in love with this wonderful movie star.

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