Dutch Opera Singers

Gre Brouwenstijn

IWas one of the most famous Dutch Opera singers


John van Kesteren

Very famous Dutch Tenor, more known in Europe.


Marianne Blok

A Dutch Panamanian coloratura soprano with an unforgetable voice.  Never appreciated in the Netherlands and very underrated because of some medical problems.  To me there are very few her equal, perhaps in a similar class as Ingeborg Hallstein, lots of interpolated High A's and B flats, this singer could as they say knock your socks of.


Mimi Aarden


My mother used to play bridge with Aunt Mimi  as I called her.  Admiring her very large beautiful painting of her as Carmen.  She was a very gorgeous looking woman.  Her picture is on the album cover.

Uta Graf

Uta Graf sang in the very first Opera I saw, Nedda in I Pagliacci at the Amsterdamse Schouwburg [Opera house]. I met her in person at the NE Conservatory, a womderful and gracious lady. She spoke Dutch very well.


Erna Spoorenberg

This was a very beloved singer in the Netherlands.  Every one new about her, almost like a household name.


Marijke Van der Lugt

I was never familiar with this singer but she was very famous.  The voice sounds nice.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Personally I was not familiar with this singer.  Listening to her, I truly like


Cora Canne Meyer

Cora I knew personally, she studied with the same teacher as I did, the very respected Jan Keizer.  There was an audition I attended with her as one of the judges.  Mind you she studied with J Keizer for over twenty years, praising him.  then they had a fall out and Jan was a lousy man and teacher.  Unbeknownst to me, I announced myself in Dutch and stated I study with Jan Keizer.  apparently her thumb went down.

I sang the prologue from I Pagliacci and Pieta rsipetto amore from Macbeth both with a interpolated High A.  The pianist said, they may as well pick you as the winner.  When I told Jam\n Keizer, he appologized, he had no clue Cora was a judge.

The wonders of performong at auditions.


Jo Vincent

Was extremely famous and wel loved by the Dutch audiences


Max von Egmond

A famous Dutch Bariton


Arnold van Mill

A fantastic Dutch Bass


Wiebke Goetjes

I have the pleasure of having known Wiebke for a very long time.  She studied for a while with Marianne Blok, whom I was engaged to at that time.  Walking in Utrecht late in the evening Wiebke and Marianne would try for the high noted and then busrted out into non piu mesta.

Wiebke went on making a career for herself and now we just have nice chats