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  • Aspiring singers must realize that a solid foundation is the Key towards a career, Breath control, in Opera, Classical 

Iago in G Verdi's Otello

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The one real important part of my teaching is that now I am a much older man, willing, wanting so hard to help serious students to decide. I have a lot to give, to study singing is not an overnight success or miracle. It takes a lot of perseverance, hard work, giving up some of the pleasures in life. Vocal exercises are of great importance in order to let the natural voice do the work and with the correct breath, the lifeline to the voice, you will learn to what we call, throw the voice out, the beginning of projection. Not every man and or woman can reach any or all the high notes they so want. Here is where I try to use a Texas accent by simply saying ( if you ain't gpt iy you ain't gonna get it.) Why? All voices are individual, what works for one may or will not work for every one. The vocal cords are like finger prints. I do teach one foundation but will try to find the easiest for the student I am working with. So please whoever you are, think carefully before deciding remember, you only have the voice you were born with, treat it better then you treat yourself!!!


The photo shown tp your left is based on the Wayang puppets who in turn were made to look like a certain group of people supposedly looked like. They lived on the island of Java, Indonesia high up on the Dieng Mountains Plateau where there were poisonous gasses coming out of the ground, the reason these people were very tall and extremely limber. Hope you enjoy this little bit of world history. Now come and study with me and who knows, you may make some history yourself. I will only have openings for twenty students. That is all I am willing to handle at my age!!!



One must realize when wanting to become a singer most important, difficult part is breath control.  When someone tells you, don't worry it will happen automatically, not true. I also do not teach lifting of the soft palate, it is hard to learn and harder to unlearn, the palate moves by itself when we sing higher.  I was always told my great voice teacherss then when you do lift the soft palate, your voice will also have a shorter lifespan by about ten years.

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This is the latest picture of my Voice Studio

This is the latest photo of my Voice studio

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First Classical Dutch singer .Content

Myself and Betsy Kemps, the first Classical Dutch singer to sing on the radio in the Netherlands

Dutch Classical singer Betsy Kemps, first performer to sing on the radio in the Netherlands,

Seen here with James Van Der Post, I was very fond of her.  She was the Mother of my wonderful friend Maria Powell , one of the few friends I can discuss singing with.  I just felt to give them both a mentioning on my website



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About me

I began teaching in 1975 and have taught students in Amsterdam, Mexico City, Boston, San Antonio, and Dallas, both privately and at vocal schools. Many of my students have gone on to sing professionally on stage.  My vocal teaching method emphasizes the natural style based on the proper breathing technique and correct posture. My vocal training and teaching method is Bel Canto


Teaching  Hours are typically Mon - Thurs 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. | Fri & Sat 9 a.m.m - 5 p.m. | Closed on Sunday.

My Repertoire



Opera Performances:

RigolettoG. Verdi

ErnaniG. Verdi

Lucia di LammermoorG. Donizetti

I due FoscariG. Verdi

La TraviataG. Verdi

OtelloG. Verdi

Simon BoccanegraG. Verdi

FaustC. Gounod

The Pearl FishersG. Bizet

La BohemeG. Puccini

Of Mice and MenC. Floyd

I PagliacciR. Leoncavallo

L' Italiana In AlgeriG. Rossini

Hansel und GretelE. Humperdinck,

35 performances as the father.


The CreationJ. Haydn

ElijahF. Mendelsohn

Te DeumA. Dvorak

A German RequiemJ. Brahms

Carmina BuranaC. Orff, 30 performances

Christmas OratorioC. Saint-Saens

Soloist for two years with Texas Bach choir in San Antonio, Texas.

Teaching Method



I teach a student making sure the voice is treated with the greatest regards because we only have one voice and it must be handled with care and respect. This alone is the best advice to and for a customer. I will treat your voice perhaps better than you do yourself.

Critique..from the paper

Most notable among the trained voices was James Vanderpost, who sang the conniving Iago with a perfect touch. His darting movements, his duplicitous grin, his compelling baritone and especially his evil, triumphant laugh at the close of act three were perfect. 
Roberta Furie, Providence Journal