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2380 Claridge Circle, plano, TX 75075, US

(214) 542-8273



9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


9:00 am – 5:00 pm



About Vanderpost Voice Studio

About me

Professional Guidance
Vanderpost voice studio specializes in vocal training, breath control, stage deportment and building confidence while singing. My vocal method is based on unveiling the power of your natural speaking voice by focusing on your breathing and posture. With my technique you will learn how to sing naturally - a technique that will not only expand your projection and increase your range, but also help you preserve the health of your vocal chords. I offer a classical foundation which you can use to grow into any type of music. 

My Repertoire



Opera Performances:

RigolettoG. Verdi

ErnaniG. Verdi

Lucia di LammermoorG. Donizetti

I due FoscariG. Verdi

La TraviataG. Verdi

OtelloG. Verdi

Simon BoccanegraG. Verdi

FaustC. Gounod

The Pearl FishersG. Bizet

La BohemeG. Puccini

Of Mice and MenC. Floyd

I PagliacciR. Leoncavallo

L' Italiana In AlgeriG. Rossini

Hansel und GretelE. Humperdinck


The CreationJ. Haydn

ElijahF. Mendelsohn

Te DeumA. Dvorak

A German RequiemJ. Brahms

Carmina BuranaC. Orff

Christmas OratorioC. Saint-Saens

Soloist for two years with Texas Bach choir in San Antonio, Texas.

My Teaching Method


I teach a student making sure the voice is treated with the greatest regards because we only have one voice and it must be handled with care and respect. This alone is the best advice to and for a customer. I will treat your voice perhaps better than you do yourself.


Most notable among the trained voices was James Vanderpost, who sang the conniving Iago with a perfect touch. His darting movements, his duplicitous grin, his compelling baritone and especially his evil, triumphant laugh at the close of act three were perfect. 
Roberta Furie, Providence Journal

About Karnatic Academy

Interested in Indian singing?

 I met a woman from India, a Voice teacher herself in Indian singing, December 6, 2017
October 6, 2017
This an interesting site Sudha studies voice with me to learn the ways of western singing which is so important because it is so totally based on breath control
She is a wonderful student and I am sure she is a great teacher.
It must be sort of difficult to teach Indian and at the same time do Western or European, Italian bel canto 
Any one interested in trying the Indian culture way please click



Welcome to Karnatic Academy.

Karnatic Academy is a Music School founded by Smt. Sudha Srinivasan disciple of Padmashri Dr. Gayathri Sankaran.

Karnatic Academy has a holistic approach to music. The students are taught not only to sing but also appreciate, and understand the culture heritage and significance of the songs.

Students are also taught voice culture and music theory.

Students 5 years and above of any background, skill, and ethnicity are welcome.
Our curriculum is structured, and organized to impart high quality training. We train students from the Beginner level to the Advanced levels. We have group and private classes for both kids and adults. Online sessions are offered through skype or facetime for out of state students.

Currently the classes are offered for students in Plano, Frisco, Mc Kinney and Allen in Texas.

Quite a sight

Navigate to the url for Karnatic Academy, and take a look.

my ethnic background

Mother Indonesian, Father Dutch

Mom and Dad before WW2, they fell in love and Dad was called the black sheep for marrying a woman from a far away country and not being Dutch but Indonesian

My mother so wanted to be western in any which way

She was often mistaken for someone else.  On the train to Germany, she and I were in the dining car.  An American couple looked at her and were convinced she was Alida Valli but no matter what my mother told them, they were convinced and bought us a wonderful lunch.


A land of thousands of Island, extremely beautiful.

Map of Indonesia

Famous for its cuisine, the Island of Bali, the largest Buddhist Temple, the Borobudur, Volcanos.  The Islands have been named the girdle of Emeralds.

I was born in the city of Bandung, my mother in Jakarta, the Capital.

Modern Indonesia

Ever since 1946, I have never been back

Wayang puppets

These puppets are projected on screens and are plays and some even like Operas

Incredible nature

Indonesia has the biggest [King[ Tigers, Elephants and many more different natural wonders.

Many mountains and Volcanos

The city I was born in, is surrounded by Volcanoes 

Busy cities

When I lived there it was quiet, except for the Bursiap [guerrilla] fighters, coming on their trucks killing lots of people.  We had an American flag hanging in the front of our home so we were quite safe

Empress Fosca

This beautiful Pomeranian has brought me so much happiness and goodness in to my life.  She now is 17, totally blind, deaf and no sense of smell but very stoic she moves wonderfully, drinks lots of water and eats like a horse and then sleeps.

What a perfect way to end this part with her. Fosca is the name from a character in the Opera Fosca by Carlos Gomes from Brazil, compared quite often to Giuseppe Verdi.