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About James Vanderpost

James was born in a Japanese concentration camp where he spent the first three and a half years of his life and then almost a year through post war. James escaped Indonesia in 1946 to the Netherlands and then moved to the US.

James' singing career spans three continents and includes opera, concerts and Broadway musicals. James performed a lead role as the King in The King and I.

There is no age restriction to singing. With young students, I will work very carefully to help them reach their true potential. Sing with the comfort of your speaking voice...

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Aria from Pearl Fishers

Pearl Fishers Duet

Ego Carmina Burana

Duet La Favorita

Expand your range
Improve your breathing
Increase your projection
Sing without straining

Vanderpost voice studio specializes in vocal training, breath control, stage deportment and building confidence while singing. My vocal method is based on unveiling the power of your natural speaking voice by focusing on your breathing and posture. With my technique you will learn how to sing naturally - a technique that will not only expand your projection and increase your range, but also help you preserve the health of your vocal chords. I offer a classical foundation which you can use to grow into any type of music.

Our voice lessons are targeted towards students of all ages and levels:

Young students and children
Since the proper breathing is the foundation of singing, it is always recommended that you encourage your children to take voice lessons to get them into the habit of breathing correctly as early as possible.

Adults who require special training
My range of students includes a variety of styles, from opera to country music. My method helps you develop a solid vocal foundation that supports your preferred singing style.

Those who think they cannot sing!
In my 30 year-old career as a voice teacher very rarely did I find students who could not be trained to sing. Many of us are told at an early age that we cannot sing. As a result we give up and never try. In the reality, most of us simply need a bit of good training.

During your first lesson we will assess your vocal skills, discuss your singing background and goals, go through a few vocal exercises - and you can decide if you would like to continue working with me.

Students Say..

James Vanderpost provided me with training that took me from two to a four and 1/2 octave range. He is a master in the field and one who works patiently with his students to help them achieve their dreams.

- Shelley Laine

Critics Say..

Most notable among the trained voices was James Vanderpost, who sang the conniving Iago with a perfect touch. His darting movements, his duplicitous grin, his compelling baritone and especially his evil, triumphant laugh at the close of act three were perfect.

Roberta Furie, Providence Journal